GSM Digital Peephole Door Viewer

Peepholes are more and more popular than before,Peephole Door Viewers are very common products in hotel,but now they are more and more  acceptable for house owners because of house security purpose,they are also easy-installation.
The old peepholes are called “Cat Eyes”,this kind of physic glass peepholes can’t show clear image outdoor,later people developed Digital Peepholes which are composed of an outdoor camera and also indoor monitor,indoor monitor will show the image of outdoor,house owner can see image through the screen.But now users want to make peepholes can work with its mobile phone,so we developed GSM Digital Peephole Door Viewer.
Features of Digital Peephole Door Viewer
> 5 inch HD Touch Screen
> 2 MP camera with wide viewing angle
> IR night vision and PIR detection
> MMS function & Call divert
> Motion Detection function







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WiFi Video Door Bell – Newly DIY IP Video Intercoms

Nowadays,Fiber-to-the-Home systems are built for digital signal transmission.A lot of New buildings / communities  set Fiber-To-The-Home systems.Regarding Video Door Intercom Systems,TCP/IP systems are more and more required from customers.

Today we want to introduce you a New Totally DIY WiFi Video Door Bell which is for villas.Different from building system Video Intercoms,this DIY WiFi Video Door Bell is very easy for installation and setting,no need installer or technical support.Every house owner can install this kind of bell by yourself just taking a few munites.This WiFi Door Bell can work with mobile phone,tablet,no need to buy extra indoor monitor,it is free of old tradition kit which is compsed by one outdoor camera with a indoor monitor,so it can save money for users.




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The World’s First Digital Wireless Peephole Door Viewers

Nowadays lots of customers like totally DIY & Wireless system much.Our company has  focused on DIY security system field for about 15 years,we work closely with global customers and our R&D dept. develops totally NEW security products in cater to global markets needs.Now we are introducing you the world’s first digital wireless peephole door viewers.

This is the third generation digital door viewer.The first generation door viewers are traditional peepholes which are composed of phsical glass lens,users may meet problems such as distored image,no voice,narrow view angel etc.The second generation door viewers are digital ones which are composed of door camers and indoor monitors.Door camera can take image and transfer video signal to indoor monitor by video cable. Compared to the first generation peephole,the second generation is digital,indoor monitor can show a clear image and voice intercom function is optional,but the indoor monitor must be connected with the door camera and must be installed on the door.

In order to get rid of those problems as mentioned above,our R&D dept. developed this totally NEW Digital Wireless Peephole Door Viewer.Based on stable signal transfer,indoor monitor can show clear image,and it is free of cable connection to door camera,users can put it anywhere inside the house within 200 meters.

This is the best door security solution.


Sales department of Legandary Electronics Co.,Limited



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Digital Video Peephole / Digital Peephole Door Viewer

New-generation Digital Video Peephole/Dgital Peephole Door Viewer

New Style Digital Peephole Door Viewer and traditional peephole

New generation digital peepholes replaced old traditional peepholes and will become the most popular peephole door viewers for modern families.

Compared with traditional peepholes,the new generation digital peepholes does not only have convenient installation advantage,but also can have video / intercom functions. House user can press monitor button to view outdoors,and outdoor visitors can press call button to make a call (Only for the models with call function).

Besides,Digital Peepholes can combine SD card and motion detection functions.It can record pictures or videos in memory card and user can play it back,or,if somebody moves in front of the door with 3-5 meters,it can automatically record pictures or videos.

Please contact us freely if you get any interest in our Digital Peephole Door Viewers.


Overseas sales dept. of Legendary Electronics Co.,Limited

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DIY Video Door Phone Kits

Legendary has been focusing on video intercom system for more than 10 years,we know deeply what customers need for villa/multi apartments/large buildings video intercoms.

For villa video intercom system,customers prefer DIY video door phone kit which is more convenient for installation.A kit package includes a outdoor camera unit, a indoor monitor unit and other accessories for installation.Generally one camera can work with 4 monitors maximum. If there are multi entrances and rooms in one villa and needs to install cameras in front of every entrance and monitors in each room,it would be mutli cameras to multi monitors system.

One camera system: If visitors press ” CALL” button on the outdoor camera,it will ring out from every monitor simutaneously. House owner can press “MONITOR/INTERCOM” button to monitor and talk with visitors,then press “UNLOCK” button to release the door.

Multi cameras to multi monitors system:  If visitors press “CALL” button on the door camera at one entrance,the relative monitor(s) will ring out,house owners can press “MONITOR / INTERCOM” to monitor and talk with visitors,then press “UNLOCK” button to release the door.

For video door phone kits installation,users just need to connect the outdoor camera and indoor monitor by the cable which are all contained in the packing box.It is very easy and convenient for installation.Video Door Phone Kits products are suitable for sale in super markets.

Legendary is providing different kinds of video intercom system to satisfy customers’ different needs.Our video intercom system would be a protection guard for your home.

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